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January 10

Coach Jason is teaching a day long clinic in Chicago area with Dr. Phillip Skiba on Feb, 8.

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December 1

Proud of Dig It Tri athletes Jenn and Marcus for their inclusion in Team Minnesota.

November 15

Coach Jason is proud to have attended and finished his USA Cycling Level 1 certification clinic. Now a Level 1 coach with USAC, Jason is happy to learn and be counted among the country's elite cycling coaches.

October 30

We are stoked to report that Jenn S. won the overall amateur title at the USAT Duathlon National Championships this past weekend.

Not only did Jenn win, she was a great example of the Dig It way, kicking butt and smiling along the way. Congrats to Jenn!

October 17

At Dig It Triathlon and Mulitsport, we coach athletes with goals and events of all sorts. Fall is a great chance for those who bike race to get muddy and have fun with cyclocross. Dig It's crossers are off and riding/running to great success. Dan's been throwing down in Maryland taking his first two races with strong wins and an upgrade to Cat 2 in the next few races.

Above Dan on the podium sporting some great socks, hint, they say Dig It on them:) Matthew's jumped up a few racing categories and is holding his own amongst some strong athletes. Fall is a great time to have fun on two wheels, and the Dig It crew is off to a great start this cross season.

While cyclocross is fun for some athletes, the off season is upon many others. For all, Coach Jason shares thoughts on what makes a good off season.

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September 15

It has been a great multisport season for us here at Dig It Triathlon and Multisport. Coach Jason summing up a great 2013 as the racing slows down this fall.

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August 12

What in the multisport world could outshine USAT Nationals? Not much but Duathlon Worlds gave it a go. Dig It athletes were there to excel at both.

Above the transition area at USAT nationals in Wisconsin. That's one deep race, all those bikes to be powered by the best triathletes in the US.

Marcus and Travis rocked it and Marcus culminated a great season with a great 3rd place in his AG.

Jenn was awesome at duathlon worlds with a great 5th place in her AG that would have been a medal in all other of the women's AGs. We'd be speechless if it wasn't for getting to know these great athletes and their amazing work along the way to these great results.

August 5

While we've let too much time pass since our last update, the great news for Dig It athletes continues to roll along. With great placings at triathlons across Minnesota and the nation, this racing season is a testament to dedication from athlete and coach bringing great results.

With a prior year podium, Marcus got to race Heart of the Lakes Tri with numero uno. He ended a great race as the top amateur and 2nd overall doing the number and everone else proud. Watch out nationals, here comes Marcus among others.

May 28

What set this past weekend apart from those in preceeding weeks? Well there were 3 days of racing opportunities, otherwise, it's been the same story across 2013. Races took place and Dig It athletes met and exceeded their goals. At the Apple Duathlon, Dig It athletes all earned their sought after worlds qualifications. Matthew rocked the Memorial Day Omnium.

May 12

The Dig It Tri gang has been throwing down great performances across the US this spring and having some fun in the process.

From Dan rocking some great bike races in Maryland, earning an upgrade in the process, to Matthew in MN who's placing great in his debut road racing season as well.

The Boston Marathon tragedy was awful and the great marathons of Dig It's athletes really are a minor part of the day. We continue to try to help as we can those affected.

In MN, the racing has been cold and gross across the board. That hasn't meant anything less than great performances from Dig It athletes with mutliple placings at the Oakdale Duathlon and Marcus winning his first triathlon of the year.

Below is a pic of Jenn as she went for one of her 3 duathlon wins for far in 2013. 3 races, 3 wins...

May 11

The weather in MN finally got to be decent enough for the Dig It Tri bike skills clinic. It was a gusty afternoon but we had some fun and raised the bike driving skills of everyone there. Coach Jason below circling the cones in demonstration mode.

March 19

Coach Jason has been a fan of endurance sports for decades. He writes on the issue of doping in cycling and endurance sports here.

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January 14

We at Dig It Triathlon are pleased to partner with Marcus Stromberg, a Dig It athlete, to create an online swim training group. Marcus is one of the best age group swimmers in MN multisport and together we've created a great way for you to have fun in the water and get faster too. More info on the program can be found at Marcus' website, www.marcusstromberg.com

January 14

Dig It's Coach Jason and athletes were in action at the USA Cycling 2013 Cyclocross National Championships. Jason below with his post race bike.

You can read Jason's report on USA Cycling's 2013 Cyclocross National Championships below.

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November 13

Super stoked to congratulate Marcus on his great 2012 season. Not only did he rock it throughout the year, he earned a win at the Minnesota Multisport Awards in the most improved elite athlete category. While Marcus did the hard work, we at Dig It would like to take a little credit:)

Above Marcus' award and listing on the 2012 Team Minnesota card. Here's to a great 2013.

October 29

Multisport season is winding down for many athletes. Dig It Tri athletes are still doing fun stuff and throwing down great performances.

Above Coach Jason at the Baker Orchards Cross race sporting the new kit and having fun. Coach Jason has helped two dedicated multisporters try out cross with great success this fall. Likewise, Kathy had a great race in AZ at the Soma half IM, Marcus threw down some fast run times after time off and others are busy getting ready for a last hurrah in 2012.

On the topic of the fall, Jason has an article championing its virtues.

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September 17

Michael left MN for some fun in Colorado and showed that while racing can be fun, any challenge that you value is a worthwhile training goal. Here Michael briefly stops at the top of Independence Pass, over 12K above sea level, for a pic before kicking more climbs outside of Aspen.

Here at Dig It central, we're not sure whether to admire or hate Dan P. from Maryland. Dan's been a great multisport athlete for a number of years. This fall he decided to try cyclocross. Dan won his first race last weekend. Below is the article we sent to Dan about how to warm up for a cyclocross race, let's hope it works as well for you as it did for Dan.

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September 2

Marcus capped a great year with an overall win at the amateur race at the Hy-Vee Triathlon in Iowa. What a great year Marcus had with multiple wins, a few podiums and consistency across the board. Here at Dig It Tri we are stoked to have helped Marcus take it up a few notches this year.

August 18-19

Don't show up to the USAT National Championships if you don't want to see a quality field. Kathy did more than show up, she had a great race and earned the right to represent Team USA at the 2013 World Championships in London. Impressive!

August 13

If the summer looked like it couldn't get better for the Dig It gang, it surely has. Tony rocked a big PR at the IM distance, and that's after having a new son join the family over the winter, Travis keeps going longer and faster on the bike, having finished some major long rides, and Marcus has started a win streak in MN that's up to 2 races and counting.

Coach Jason has been riding the TT bike too. Below is his report on the Firehouse 50 Time Trial, and yes, that is 50 miles on the TT bike.

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Early June to mid July

The summer is off to a great start and we've been a bit lacking in our updates, apologies. A short list of Dig It athletes' accomplishments are below. Marcus continued his great racing in MN with a 4th and 2nd overall at the Lake Waconia and Heart of the Lakes Triathlons respectively.

Above Marcus gets the bike going at Lake Waconia.

Kathy kicked in some good results too as she ran to a 2nd in her AG at the NYC Triathlon pictured above. Sofia won her AG and placed 2nd overall at New Orleans 5150 tri, Jill won her AG and earned a nationals invite in MN, and Andy had a really impressive race at Buffalo Springs 70.3 in Texas despite a broken aero bar.

Coach Jason was busy too having taught a web class for USA Cycling Coaches on short term intervals.

June 2/3

The summer is off to a great start for the Dig It gang. Kathy rocked her first half IM at the Rev3 in CT and Marcus THREW DOWN at the Buffalo tri with a sub 2:00 time and a 4th overall, 2nd amateur.

Marcus exits the water at the Buffalo Triathlon. Photo courtesy of Brooks Borrell, thanks!

Coach Jason raced the Minnesota State TT Championships as well, going 2nd in the Cat 4 field. The link below is Jason's report and power analysis from this race.

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May 6

Minnesota triathlon season gets rolling and Dig It's Marcus gets it stated in style with a convincing win at the Chain of Lakes Triathlon. Nice work Marcus, pictured below with his winner's plague!

March 1

Coach Jason is writing a series of articles bringing the exercise science he reads to you. In this piece, he explores heart rate versus power based training on the bike.

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February 10

There are a number of different ways to test fitness. Coach Jason explores some options for establishing a bike power threshold.

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January 16

The cyclocross racing spectacular contined with Coach Jason in Louisville, KY for the UCI Masters Cyclocross Championships.

It was a great weekend of racing, though some tough conditions and competition had Jason ready to go home and train even harder for next year. Check out the mud on the bike.

Jason post race with his finisher medal (muddy of course), and a lot of the course still on his bike.

January 9

Coach Jason's been doing some cyclocross this fall and "winter." He was in Madison, WI this past weekend for the USA Cycling National Cyclocross Championships. It was a fun and hard weekend, just like cross is suppose to be.

Above is the Dig It kit with pinned number. Always exciting to be putting on a National Championships number.

Above an upward look at one of the uphills on the course, in much better shape than when Jason got to experience it.

Here is the bike on the verge of taking the start. Not the dirt and grime and that's after being pressure washed a few times.

December 15

Dig It Triathlon and Multisport's Threshold Thursdays (TT) has begun. It's a free, Facebook based workout group dedicated to training bike threshold. Coach Jason analyzes his first TT session in the article below.

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October 2

It was great to hear that Dan broke through with his first multisport overall win today at the Half Full Tri in Maryland. Way to go Dan, can't help but love the podiums with Dig It on the top step!

Dig It family also in action at the Twin Cities Marathon, doing our annual 5K time clock volunteer duties.

September 25

The Dig It crew was in action at the Duathlon World Championships in Gijon, Spain today. Rob, Greg and Richard flew their national colors (USA, UK, and USA respectively) for strong races amidst serious competition. Nice work, gentlemen!

Above Rob rocks the run. Below Greg on the bike.

September 11

In Madison, Eric had a strong debut Ironman with a well balanced swim, bike and run. Way to go Eric!

August 22

It must be a USA Triathlon themed week as Coach Jason's article on bike training into goal races came out in the USA Triathlon Coaches Newsletter and Dig It's Kathy and Dan rocked USAT Age Group Nationals with outstanding performances. Dan earned a berth on the World's team, always a tough ticket and a particularly challenging one this year. Way to go Kathy and Dan.

July 9/10

Across the world, literally, and Dig It athletes are having fun and getting it done.

Above Greg wins his division at a local duathlon in the UK.

Kathy scores an AG podium at the Lifetime Minneapolis Triathlon.

June 21

The Nature Valley Grand Prix was a great time with bike racing fun run amuck. Jason's got a report about it and a TT.

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Jason was in action too, as you can see at the Tuesday Night TT.

June 6-8

Coach Jason in Colorado for coaching meetings with a bit of riding thrown in when possible.

Above Jason poses for a pic in Ward, Colorado a great ride up and out of Boulder. Note interesting decorations in Ward.

April 30/May 1

Wow, what a weekend! In one of the best weekends of action for the Dig It gang ever, and we're not ones for exaggeration, this weekend will go down as a great one.

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Coach Jason was in action to at the Tour of the Gila in New Mexico.

Coach Jason above in Dig It kit during day 3 of this stage race, his first. The article below covers the details.

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February 4

One of the age old questions regards doing versus teaching. In triathlon, the particulars relate to coaches and their athletic accomplishments. Coach Jason writes about it in his article, "Athletic Success and Coaching, Is there a Connection?

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November 29

Coach Jason had a roller coaster cyclocross season with some high highs, such as highest placing ever in a bike race and an category upgrade, and some low lights. A good way to think about it was these two images. As the cliche goes, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times...

October 15

Coach Jasonís thinking about 2011. Itís a time of the year when athletes look back on their racing and make plans for the following year. Jasonís got some thoughts on racing goals and the article, ďIs Longer Better?Ē goes into more details.

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March 27

Coach Jason leads clinic for GearWest tri club on duathlon performance along with Kevin O'Connor.

March 13-14

Coach Jason was in Texas for a USA Cycling Coaching clinic on teaching bike riding skills. It was great, watch here for an upcoming clinic on bike handling.

Above Jason poses with camp participants outside in the sun, yeah Texas!

December 3, 2010

Coach Jason reflects on training in the off season.

Latest News What You Should Versus What You Could Do.

October 3 and 4

Minnesota cyclocross season is underway and rolling. Michael and Coach Jason got their seasons going with some fun and hard racing this weekend.

Michael in action at the Hudson CX. Photo courtesy of skinnyski.com.

Jason at the Planet Bike Orono CX race. Photo courtesy of Seth Iverson Photo.

Latest News Jason's Race Report

September 26, 2009

It was a wet and tough day for everyone at the ITU World Short Course Duathlon Championships. Dig It athletes were out to play and did what they could on a challenging course in the midst of a downpour.

Debi is among this group of fast ladies before the skys opened again.

Here Justin Hurd closes in on the transition after a speedy first run.

September 13

Wow, what a day for the Dig It gang. Debi was 12th overall, and 3rd woman, at a sprint tri in Virginia. Maria set a new half marathon PR in Chicago, and Forrest set a 5K PR by over a minute in Kentucky. Oh and then there was Ironman Wisconsin which was the scene of outstanding performances by Andrea, Lindsey and Henry. A successful debut and 2 PRs made it quite the day in Madison. Jason was there to cheer and take it all in.

Here Coach Jason hangs with Andrea after the race.

Latest News My reflections on the IM Wisconsin weekend, with a few photos.

May 31, 2009

Dig It's friend Justin Hurd captures the US National Long Course Duathlon Championship today in California at the World's Toughest. National Champ baby, that's a good thing to call one's self!

Photo courtesy of Auburn Events

October 11, 2008

Justin Hurd, who Coach Jason advises, shows shows his strength at IM Hawaii. On a challenging day, for the big island no less, Justin did great in his first attempt at the World Championships as a pro.

September 28, 2008

Jason in racing mode at the ITU World Duathlon Championships in Italy. It was a fun day of action.

Here the bike awaiting its trusted rider.

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September 27, 2008

Jason serves as Assistant Coach with the elite athletes of Team USA at the ITU World Duathlon Championships in Rimini, Italy. It was a fun day filled with great competition for Team USA.

Here is the women's team poses for photos immediately after their finish.

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October 6

Coach Jason wins the inaugural Kickin' Leaves Duathlon in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. The new race had a small field but a great course. Hope everyone can make it there next year.

Jason poses with bike and trophy at home after the race.

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